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Blossoms, Leaves, and Snowflakes: A (Mid)journey into Artistic Realms
February 28, 2024 by
Tingenuity AI, Warren Tingen
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Spring is upon us! What does that mean for AI exploration? Well, landscapes of course. In this post we’ll wonder through a variety of environments created with Midjourney. Since it is Spring we started our journey there.

Initial Prompt: Serene spring landscape with magical realism in a vivid, abstract manner, high-definition --ar 16:9 --s 250 --c 2 --v 6.0

With this prompt we wanted to draw in a painting like quality without being overtly direct with “painting” or “oil painting” style declarations. The resulting images were fantastic. Each with its own take on what a spring environment would contain and present. 

Of this set I really enjoy quadrant 1 with the pink-white blossoms blown by a breeze. The other three images have their own enjoyable features but the blossoms drifting on the wind is exquisite. Interesting features to note in the others: quadrant 2 showcases a vibrant and living garden, quadrant 3’s mood qualities are demonstrated with it late afternoon walk, and quadrant 4 does an great job of highlighting brushstrokes giving it more of an oil painting feel. 

Because we are between two seasons as of this posting we also decided to explore the other seasons.

Autumn Prompt: Serene autumn landscape with magical realism in a vivid, abstract manner, Bob Ross, high-definition --ar 16:9 --v 6.0

In this prompt we injected a famous painter — Bob Ross — to influence the outcome. The rendered images didn’t disappoint. If you are familiar with Bob Ross and his painting show you can recognize the “happy little trees” within each of the pieces. Among these we really enjoy quadrant 4 with the highly reflective surface of the water.

Winter Prompt: Serene winter landscape with magical realism in a vivid, abstract manner, high-definition --ar 16:9 --s 250 --c 2 --v 6.0

The winter prompts created some interesting results. Quadrant 1 appears to be raging with a forest fire. I think that may have been because of the inclusion of an element of chaos (--c 2) and the stylize parameter (--s 250). Quadrant 2 and 3 particularly interesting. The epic-ness of 2 reminds me of the Hobbit looking at the Misty Mountains. The pronounced brushstrokes in 3 give it a unique feel compared to the other three.

Finally, we look to summer. Here in the United States, summers are typically when action and superhero movies are released. We decided to use that idea to insert a person into the environments. The outcomes were varied and profound. 

Summer Prompt: Serene summer landscape with magical realism in a vivid, abstract manner, superhero standing epically, high-definition --ar 16:9 --v 6.0

Quadrant 1 contains a prismatic explosion across the clouds which is interesting adding an element of color to the simple colors. What could those color be? Power emanating from the hero? Disruption of the environment at his or her rapid travel?

The viewing angle from quadrant 2 is delightful. Looking up in awe with the sun breaking to the right of the individual. It adds to the heroic figure. Quadrant 3 dives into the abstract with color and style while maintaining the focus on our hero. The final one sees our hero taking a moment of serene reflection.

Overall, a beautiful journey into landscapes and seasons. You could use any number of these images for backgrounds, cards, and scenes. I’m even considering blowing up a few and printing them on canvas for some home décor. 

Happy creating AI Explorers!

Enjoy the gallery below to see more detail in our serene landscapes.

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