Artificial Athletes: Gen-AI Sports

February 21, 2024 by
Tingenuity AI, Warren Tingen
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In our recent Midjourney Monday series, we explored futuristic sports through the lens of AI-generated art. We began with a prompt that sought to blend the realms of technology and athleticism, pushing the boundaries of imagination. 

Initial Prompt: Futuristic sports event with robots, rough gritty quality, richly detailed, and with a dynamic, asymmetrical layout, sports photography, cinematic lighting --ar 16:9 --style raw --s 150 --v 6.0

This resulted in images that thrust robots into the spotlight of sports settings. The level of detail and the dynamic compositions brought these futuristic events to life.

Expanding our artistic exploration, we modified our prompt from "sports photography" to "tech magazine illustration," aiming for a different flavor of creativity. This slight yet significant change steered our journey towards images reminiscent of combat sports, with an interesting twist of one reminiscent of ice skating or hockey.

Focused Sports Themes

We delved deeper into specific sports, requesting the AI to focus on Synchronized Swimming, Skateboarding, Soccer, Water Polo, and even the fantastical sport of Quidditch. (see the gallery below) Each prompt brought its unique flair, showcasing the versatility and adaptability of AI in generating art. From the graceful coordination of synchronized swimmers to the high-flying antics of skateboarders, the AI conjurer each sport with a futuristic twist.

The exploration of Quidditch, a sport born from the pages of fantasy literature, was particularly intriguing. Making it a combat sport with blasters instead of bludgers. It created scenes that could very well belong to a world where magic and technology converge.

The Score?

This exploration highlights the importance of how subtle changes in prompts can significantly alter the outcome, demonstrating the AI's sensitivity to language and its creative potential. As we continue to experiment with and refine our prompts, we look forward to uncovering more layers of this fascinating play between AI, art, and the future of sports.

Join us next Monday for another adventure into the world of AI art, where we'll push the boundaries of creativity and explore new horizons.

Happy creating AI Explorers!

Enjoy the gallery below to see more detail in our chaotic creations.

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