Make Christmas More Creative with Custom Social Graphics!

December 13, 2023 by
Tingenuity AI, Warren Tingen
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This holiday, instead of turning to stale stock, craft your own images for social media posts!

With Midjourney and a few minutes of prompting you can have custom graphics to enhance those holiday posts. The time you would spend browsing stock art libraries can be spent more creatively. Also, the prompts themselves don’t need to be overly complex to get satisfying results.

What a quick illustrated Christmas tree? Simple!

Prompt: christmas tree illustration background for a social media post, vectorize

Looking for snowy landscape?

Prompt: active snow falling landscape --style raw

Even when you’re not feeling terribly creative you can give Midjourney a lot of freedom.

Prompt: christmas-themed background for social media

There are many ways to prompt Midjourney to create something unique for your holiday posts.

Merry Christmas and Happy Prompting!

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