OpenAI's New Custom GPT Feature

November 20, 2023 by
Tingenuity AI, Warren Tingen
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A myriad of new opportunities have arrived with the introduction of custom creation of GPTs (Generative Pre-Trained Transformers) in OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Now you can create and share your own instructions for tasks. OpenAI introduced this new feature in the Open Dev Day. It was an eye-opening event which provide some interesting surprises about the ChatGPT platform.

OpenAI provided a number of GPTs right from the start. Options included Data Analysis, a Creative Writing Coach, Dall•E 3, Sticker Whiz and several more.

I’ve found and created a few already. One of my favorites so far was created by Jordon White. He is a designer with some focus on package design. His GPT walks you through the creative process to generate prototypes. From package design to concept car design his GPT interesting to watch work. Let’s look at is process.

Miniature Brand

I started tinkering with Jordon’s GPT with a package design for miniature fantasy figurines. I decided to name the brand Sellswords. It has good sound and works in the fantasy genre. I started by telling the GPT the following:

  • Packaging for fantasy miniature figurines, brand name Sellswords

His GPT then began to ask a variety of questions to distill details and configure the resulting prototype. It covered design styles and aesthetics. As well as materials for the package and the look a feel of surrounding imagery.

The resulting prototype I thought was pretty fantastic.

Concept Car

When I showed my brother the GPT, he was excited to walk through it. We decided to move from packaging design to an EV concept sports car. We initiated the process with this prompt:

  • Make an AI inspired EV car with cool slick designs and the brand is Tingenuity.AI

This time it began with different questions. Asking about vehicle type, design features and color scheme. We decided to go with a sports car and the primary color of mimosa yellow. It continued with questions related to body shape, lighting, door design and specifications, interior details, and a variety of other features. It provided the selections as a numbered list so we just responded with the numbers we liked. It then happily created the first prototype image with the Dall•E 3 integration. Here is the result:

We liked it. However, we wanted to refine our prototype. After modifying our request we got a few more prototype images of the exterior and interior.

We also wanted to really push this GPT so we asked it to provide a prompt to use in Midjourney. It created three versions. We decided to go with the following:

  • sleek modern sports car::2 , Mimosa Yellow with black highlights, gull-wing doors, LED lighting, custom alloy wheels, driving on scenic road, dynamic lighting, motion

Midjourney created some interesting images of the interior and exterior. Jacob and I agree we, while we do like Dall•E 3 and its capabilities we like the realism and lighting effect that Midjourney provides by default.

Try your hand with Jordon’s prototyping tool or find others and share your results.

Happy AI exploration!

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