Lunar Legends: A Surreal Spin on the Historic Moon Landing

January 17, 2024 by
Tingenuity AI, Warren Tingen
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The moon has always fascinated humankind. It has driven countless stories, myths, and legends. Only recently, in the age of space flight and discovery, could we fully discover the Moon’s true story.

In this Midjourney Monday blog we experiment by adding mystique to a lunar landing.

Initial Prompt: The moon landing of Apollo 11 in a surreal interpretation, with a dreamlike quality, richly detailed, using vibrant, contrasting colors, and with a dynamic, asymmetrical layout. --ar 16:9 --s 250

This prompt has more detail. We’re searching for a certain look, feel, or vibe to the final image. Our subject the famous moon landing of Apollo 11. However, we want the feel to be ethereal. Adding words like surreal and dreamlike along with vibrant, contrasting colors can push the AI to generate an image with more aspiration or visionary tones.

How did Midjourney do? Let’s review the results.

Quadrant 1 has elements from the historic photo — the lander and astronaut. It added a moon to the horizon, and it lacks any surreal elements or dreamlike qualities. The second and third quadrants again reflecting historic images taken on the Moon’s surface but don’t truly add to the image. Quadrant 4 its only one that shines. It has the historic image and then enhances the stars to provide that dreamlike and inspirational quality to the image.

With these it really focused on the photo of Buzz Aldrin taken by Neil Armstrong. In some it again added the Moon on the horizon. Odd. The AI added some vibrant mist but I don’t think it captured the mystique we were looking for. This is where we’ll have to take it through several more iterations trying different terms and parameters to get what we truly want.

Check out our gallery below for greater detail.

How would you alter or enhance the prompt to arrive at a dreamlike lunar landing?

See you among the stars AI Explorers!

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