Into the Future

January 10, 2024 by
Tingenuity AI, Warren Tingen
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It is the new year. Time to look to the future.

What could be more futuristic than an advanced civilization cityscape? Let’s take a look at a simple futuristic prompt in Midjourney.

Initial Prompt: Futuristic cityscape with a blend of 18th-century architecture and sci-fi elements --ar 16:9

Simple prompts give Midjourney (or any other gen-AI platform) freedom to create. Without highly detailed or specific instructions the AI will create a variety of items. Looking at the results of our initial prompt we can see where Midjourney decided to go.

We can see the elements of the prompt in the rendered images. Note the different levels of infusion of the 18th-century component of the prompt. In quadrant 1 we have a hard time recognizing its influence. There is definitely some in the gothic nature of quadrant 2. In quadrant 3 we can see it’s application with the more geometric shapes, steampunk nature of the main ship and other visuals. Quadrant 4 is suffused with the geometric and the columns that are parts of buildings or buildings themselves.

We changed the aspect ratio from 16:9 to 9:16 to see what impact it would have on the images.

Here we see Midjourney took us into the depths of the city rather than the wider view. You can see elements of the 18th-century architecture a bit more in some of these. Quadrant 2 has much heavier nuance than others.

Check out our full gallery below.

See you in the future AI Explorers!

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