From Ruins to Floating Cities: Space's Ancient Worlds

May 29, 2024 by
Tingenuity AI, Jacob Tingen
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Ancient Civilizations in Space: Cinematic Quality

We started with a prompt featuring ancient civilizations in outer space with a cinematic quality. Warren set the parameters to include high-concept art, epic scenes, and photorealistic details, giving us a glimpse of ancient worlds among the stars.

Prompt #1: Ancient Civilization in Outer Space with a cinematic quality, high concept, epic, photorealistic style --ar 16:9 --s 250

The results were stunning, with scenes reminiscent of Coruscant from Star Wars. We saw floating islands and massive cities suspended in the clouds, blending the grandeur of ancient architecture with the vastness of space.

Ancient Civilizations in Space: Ethereal Quality

Next, I decided to switch the descriptor to "ethereal quality" while keeping the ancient civilizations in space theme. This tweak aimed to add a mystical, otherworldly feel to our cosmic ruins.

Prompt #2: Ancient Civilization in Outer Space with a cinematic quality, high concept, epic, photorealistic style --ar 16:9 --s 250 --v 6.0

The images were equally impressive, featuring floating cities and landscapes with a dreamlike glow. The ethereal touch added a magical element, making the scenes look like something out of a fantastical space odyssey.

Ancient Civilizations in Space: Whimsical Quality

For the third prompt, Warren chose to explore a whimsical quality. This change aimed to introduce a playful and imaginative twist to the ancient civilizations theme.

Prompt #3: Ancient Civilization in Outer Space with a whismiscal quality, high concept, epic, photorealistic style --ar 16:9 --s 250 --v 6.0

The shift was noticeable. The scenes became more vibrant and lighthearted, with floating cities resembling something out of The Jetsons. This whimsical approach highlighted how a single word can dramatically alter the AI’s artistic output.

Ancient Civilizations Under the Sea: Ethereal Quality

Taking a different direction, I applied the ethereal quality to an underwater setting, imagining ancient civilizations beneath the waves.

Prompt #4: Ancient Civilization under the sea with an ethereal quality, high concept, epic, photorealistic style --ar 16:9

The results were hauntingly beautiful, depicting ruins reminiscent of Atlantis. While the scenes were stunning, they felt more like abandoned remnants rather than bustling, living cities.

Living Ancient Civilizations Under the Sea

To address this, we refined the prompt to focus on a living ancient civilization under the sea, adding a cinematic and whimsical quality to see if the AI could bring these underwater worlds to life.

Prompt #5:  A living Ancient Civilization under the sea with a whimsical quality, high concept, epic, photorealistic style --ar 16:9

This time, the results were much more dynamic. The underwater cities were depicted with vibrant activity, showing lights and structures that suggested an ongoing, thriving society. The top-left image, with its split perspective of above and below water, was particularly striking.

Final Thoughts

This episode highlighted the incredible versatility of Midjourney’s AI in creating diverse and imaginative worlds. By tweaking just a few words, we explored a wide range of ancient civilizations, from cosmic ruins to vibrant underwater cities. 

Each prompt showcased the AI’s ability to adapt and produce unique artistic interpretations.

Thanks for joining us on this creative journey through time and space. 

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